Postdoctoral Fellows

  • Hebatalla Elnaggar: RIXS dichroism on strongly correlated systems
  • Valerio Gulino: New generations solid-state batteries
  • George Tierney: X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy on Supported Catalyst Materials
  • Komal Patil: Supported metal catalysts for high pressure hydroformylation
  • Sergei Cherniak: Effect of promoters on the performance of Cu-based catalysts in CO2 thermocatalytic hydrogenation

PhD Candidates

  • Claudia Keijzer: Ultra pure and structured porous materials as catalyst supports
  • Francesco Mattarozzi: Electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide: elucidating the role of carbon-supported silver nanoparticles, support and electrolyte
  • Giorgio Totarella: Supported Copper-based catalysts for selective hydrogenation
  • Henrik Rodenburg: Developing high-performance solid-state anion conductors
  • Hidde Nolten: Supported Au-based catalysts for selective oxidation
  • Jian He
  • Johan de Boed: Support Effects in Gold-Catalyzed Direct Propylene Epoxidation
  • Jonas Hehn: Interface effects in polymer-based hybrid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries
  • Juliette Verschoor: Metal hydride nanocomposite materials as TM-free catalysts for ammonia synthesis
  • Just Pé Jonasse: Unravelling the influence of shell lattice spacing on the catalytic performance of core-shell catalysts
  • Karan Kotalgi
  • Koen Draijer: Screening low-cost catalyst materials for seawater splitting
  • Kristiaan Helfferich: Fundamental study of bimetallic catalyst preparation
  • Laura Barberis: Cu-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
  • Luc Smulders: Metal (Oxide) – Acid Catalysts for Hydrocarbon Conversion
  • Maaike van Ittersum: New electrodes for CO2 conversion – nanomorphology and composition
  • Marta Perxés – Studying restructuring in bimetallic catalysts using in-situ transmission electron microscopy
  • Masoud Lazemi: Femtosecond XAS and RIXS of transition metal oxides
  • Matt Peerlings: Understanding the degradation and increasing the lifetime of electrodes and membranes under harsh operating conditions
  • Nienke Visser: Exploring fundamental characteristics of nickel-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation
  • Oscar Brandt Corstius: Metal clusters for selective hydrogenation of olefins
  • Qijun Che: Operando x-ray spectroscopy of the oxygen evolution reaction.
  • Savannah Turner: The Fundamentals of the Activation of Industrial Nickel Based Catalyst Precursors.
  • Suzan Schoemaker: Decomposition of methane to green hydrogen and carbon nanomaterials
  • Yuang Piao: Bifunctional catalysts for DME and methanol synthesis
  • Xiaotong Xu
  • Zixiong Wei

Former group members

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