Jonas Hehn

Jonas Hehn

PhD candidate

Working with: dr. Peter Ngene & prof. dr. Petra de Jongh

Employed since: September 2022
Room: DDW 4th floor open area

Interface effects in polymer-based hybrid electrolytes for all-solid-state lithium ion batteries

Researchers have been focusing on the development of novel Lithium-ion conductive solid electrolytes for decades. These materials are intended to replace the flammable and therefore unsafe liquid electrolytes used in conventional Li-ion batteries. Generally, there are two types of solid electrolytes: inorganic solid electrolytes that can have, for example, high Li-ion conductivity but poor interfacial compatibility with the electrodes, and on the other hand there are elastic polymer-based electrolytes which possess good interfacial compatibilities with the electrodes, but often poor ionic conductivity especially at room temperature. [1,2]

In this project, I combine the two aforementioned types of electrolyte to synthesize polymer-based hybrid solid electrolytes. For this purpose, I will investigate new but also already known Li-compounds in combination with polymers and inorganic fillers. The synthesized materials will be characterized using a variety of techniques. The goal is to understand how interface effects at the polymer-Li salt-filler material interfaces influence the ionic conductivity and other electrochemical properties of the hybrid electrolytes. Particular emphasis will also be placed on a detailed understanding of the interface formation and the interaction between the hybrid electrolyte and the electrodes. The fundamental knowledge is crucial to developing new electrolytes with tailor-made properties for applications in all-solid-state Li-ion batteries.

[1]          X. Yu, A. Manthiram, Energy Storage Mater., 2021, 34, 282-300.              

[2]          Y. Zhai, G. Yang, Z. Zeng, S. Song, S. Li, N. Hu, W. Tang, Z. Wen, L. Lu, J. Molenda, ACS Appl. Energy Mater., 2021, 4, 7973−7982.


2022 – Present

PhD Candidate in the Materials Chemistry and Catalysis group, Utrecht University

Project under supervision of dr. Peter Ngene and prof. dr. Petra de Jongh.


Master in Chemistry, Heidelberg University

Master thesis at the hte GmbH, “Mechanistic studies on the catalytic deoxygenation and hydrocracking of triglycerides”

Research internships at ACI & OCI (University Heidelberg), in the Radiopharmacy at the University Hospital Heidelberg and at the hte GmbH


Bachelor in Chemistry and Geography, Heidelberg University


Born in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany

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