Experimental techniques

Experimental Techniques

A wide range of experimental techniques is available in our group. Below you find the overview and which contact person can be approached if you would like to have more information. For those within MCC, there are also the Expertise Meetings, which are organised and recorded by Suzan Schoemaker (S.E.schoemaker@uu.nl).

Advanced TEM J.E.S.vanderHoeven@uu.nl; P.E.dejongh@uu.nl 

Autoclaves (solids/liquids+HP gas) – L.M.deKort@uu.nl; J.W.deRijk@uu.nl

Battery assembly and testingL.M.deKort@uu.nl; V.Gulino@uu.nl

Oxidation/reduction set-up –K.H.Helfferich@uu.nl; L.C.J.Smulders@uu.nl; C.J.Keijzer@uu.nl

Catalyst testing     –     P.E.deJongh@uu.nl; J.W.deRijk@uu.nl

DSC (also in-situ/high pressure) – L.M.deKort@uu.nl; J.W.deRijk@uu.nl

Electrochemical measurements   – F.Mattarozzi@uu.nl; M.Peerlings@uu.nl

Glovebox under Ar     – H.P.Rodenburg@uu.nl

H2/CO chemisorption   – L.C.J.Smulders@uu.nl

ICP   – M.E.T.vanIttersum@uu.nl

IR spectroscopy   L.M.deKort@uu.nl

Quantum mechanical simulations and machine learning  – N.Artrith@uu.nl

N2 and Ar physisorptions.e.schoemaker@uu.nl; P.E.dejongh@uu.nl

SEM  – C.J.Keijzer@uu.nl

Solid-state EISH.P.Rodenburg@uu.nl

TEM imaging – M.Tang@uu.nlS.Turner@uu.nl

TPDRO – R.Dalebout@uu.nl

TGA-MS – D.F.L.Wezendonk@uu.nl

Ultracentrifuge – N.L.Visser@uu.nl

UV-Vis spectroscopyK.H.Helfferich@uu.nl

XAS (XANES & EXAFS) – F.M.F.deGroot@uu.nl; M.Ghiasi@uu.nl; P.E.deJongh@uu.nl; A.M.J.vanderEerden@uu.nl

X-Ray Photoemission (HAXPES) – F.M.F.deGroot@uu.nl

X-Ray emission (RIXS)F.M.F.deGroot@uu.nl

X-Ray diffraction (also in-situ)D.F.L.Wezendonk@uu.nl

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