Claudia Keijzer

Claudia Keijzer

PhD candidate

Promotor: prof. dr. Petra de Jongh

Employed since: March 2021
Room: 4th floor study area DDW

Research: Ultra pure and structured porous materials as catalyst supports

Metal nanoparticulate catalysts are typically supported on a high surface area porous carrier, to infer mechanical and thermal stability to the metal nanoparticles. Often these catalyst supports are not chemically inert, and play also an important role in determining the activity as well as the selectivity of the catalyst. Nevertheless, their role is difficult to study, due to typically inherent heterogeneities in support structure (porosity), composition and chemical properties. In this project we will develop three dimensional supports having high purity and a well-defined uniform structure, based on novel templating and scaffolding techniques. These 3D nanostructures will be used to obtain fundamental insight into the role of the support properties in selected reactions that are highly sensitive to impurities, non-uniformities and diffusion constraints.


2018-2020 Master’s degree in Science and Business Management, Utrecht University

Master thesis at the Inorganic Chemistry and Catalysis group, “Stability of Silver Supported on 3DOM α-Alumina with Varying Cage Size” under supervision of Petra Keijzer and prof. dr. Petra de Jongh

Internship at Dow Consumer Solutions, Terneuzen, The Netherlands

2015-2018 Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Utrecht University

1997 Born in Hengelo, The Netherlands

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