Current students in MCC

Students in MCC

This is an overview of all students, grouped by the year in which their projects started. MSc students from up to two years ago can in some cases still be active in our group.

BSc students in 2022:

BSc StudentSupervisorTopic
Floris de JongKristiaan HelfferichEffect of temperature and pressure on the hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde with silica-supported bimetallic nanoparticles
Thijs BeentjesHenrik Rodenburg & Valerio GulinoClosoborate-based polymer electrolytes
Kelton den HertogClaudia KeijzerAg-based catalysts on alumina support for ethylene epoxidation
Sanne van RielLuc SmuldersNoble metal-free bifunctional catalysts for hydroconversion of n-alkanes
Bart van VeenSuzan Schoemaker & Nienke VisserParticle size effects of supported nickel catalysts, for conversion of methane to hydrogen gas and CNT production­­

MSc students in 2022:

MSc StudentSupervisorTopic
Céline XuYuang PiaoBifunctional catalysts for converting syngas to DME
Gerben van der ScheerTom WellingTEM study of support effects on CNF nucleation on Ni-based catalysts during conversion of methane to hydrogen
Stefan BismeijerSuzan SchoemakerPromoted Ni-based catalysts for thermocatalytic methane decomposition
Kyra van NieuwkerkKristiaan HelfferichEffect of Pd-Ni/SiO2 stoichiometry and particle size on hydrogenation reactions.
Mei Ju GoemansMatt PeerlingsZinc-based catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction
Alexander FlickFrancesco MattarozziBimetallic nanowires for carbon dioxide reduction
Robin van der KruitNong ArtrithMachine learning models and artificial neural networks for modelling the composition and activity of tri-metallic core/shell nanoalloys

BSc students 2021:

BSc studentSupervisorTopic
Lucas AbbenhuisFrancesco MattarozziUnraveling the ‘effect of branched alkylamines functionalization of carbon support in the silver catalyzed CO2 electrocatalytic reduction
Arvid BeeuwkesGiorgio TotarellaSupported colloidal copper nanoparticle catalysts for selective hydrogenation of polyunsaturated hydrocarbons; synthesis and catalytic performance
Stefan BismeyerJohan den BoedEffects of gold nanoparticle size on propene epoxidation
Joy BoddeSuzan SchoemakerPreparation and Characterization of Bimetallic  Ni-Cu/C Catalysts for the Thermal Catalytic Decomposition of Methane
Ingmar BruggemanHenrik RodenburgSolid electrolytes for chloride ion batteries
Karen vd AkkerFrancesco MattarozziEnhanced selectivity of alkylamine-functionalized carbon support with Ag nanoparticles for
electrochemical CO2 reduction
Bas den HartighNienke VisserCarbon supported nickel nanoparticles prepared via colloidal synthesis
Ilja JanssenLuc SmuldersBifunctional NiCu catalysts on various zeolites for the hydroconversion of n-alkanes
Martijn KorporaalMaaike van IttersumTemplate based porous metal catalysts for electrochemical CO2-reduction
Christaan VersteegLaura BarberisEffect of promoters on Cu@C catalysts for the hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol
Sonja WilmsKristiaan HelfferichInfluence of the drying in the Ni-Pd catalysts synthesis
Hanya ZwaanFederica Frati
Pim WeideMaaike van Ittersum

MSc students in 2021:

MSc studentSupervisorTopic
Karen vd AkkerMaaike van Ittersum
Ties BakkerLaura de KortLi-ion conductivity in LiNH2-oxide based solid
Jesse de BoerKai HanElectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 using ZnO-MOx catalysts
Daan van EckSuzan SchoemakerSsynthesis and characterization of carbon supported Fe-based catalysts
Charles FabrieKristiaan HelfferichThe influence of organics in precursor solutions for Pd-Ni/SiO2 nanoparticle preparation via impregnation
Bryan FolmerJohan den Boed Gold Catalysts for Direct Propene Oxide Synthesis –
The effect of adding a second metal.
Arvid BeeuwkesLuc SmuldersProximity effects in ultralow Pt loaded bifunctional catalysts with solid acids supported by silica for the hydroconversion of n-alkanes
Just Pe JonasseNienke VisserColloidal synthesis of nickel nanoparticles for the carbon supported hydrogenation catalysts
Lars KamphuisLaura de KortNa-based solid electrolytes and their implementation in all-solid-state Na-based batteries
Pim Koopman Savannah TurnerThe effect of calcination conditions on nickel phyllosilicate reduction
Jochem van de MinkelisLuc SmuldersPd/SAPO-n catalysts for the conversion of n-alkanes.
Hailan NiHenrik RodenburgHydroxyl ion-conducting polymer-based solid electrolytes
Hidde NoltenOscar Brandt CorstiusBimetallic single atom catalysts for selective hydrogenation
Frank ReintsLaura BarberisPromoter effects in Cu catalyst for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
Max SebesSavannah Turner
Juliette VerschoorNienke VisserEffects of support functionalization in carbon-supported nickel-based catalysts for CO2 hydrogenation
Nolan van der WilligeFrancesco MattarozziElectrocatalytic reduction of CO2 with supported silver nanostructures
Sander MolenbergJohan de Boed
Patrick RathenowValerio Gulino & Henrik RodenburgSiO2/polymer hybrid electrolytes
Maris RokhlineDr. Nong Artrith &
Lappawat Ngamwongwan
Understanding ionic conductivity in solid-state batteries using DFT and machine learning
Isabell BarnhoornSavannah TurnerModifying nickel phyllosilicate synthesis procedures to design supported nickel catalysts
Nicola MattiuzzoClaudia Keijzer
Christiaan VersteegHenrik RodenburgHybrid polymer/inorganic solid chloride conductors
Hajo BerendsLaura Barberis
Sonja WilmsOscar Brandt Corstius
Karen vd AkkerMaaike van Ittersum
Marianne BijlDr. Jessi vd Hoeven & Marta Perxés

News: 6 students started at once (April 2021):

Students that arrived in the first week of May 2021

Sonja Wilms (BSc, May 2021-) : Hi my name is Sonja! I’m a BSc student who will study the influence of the drying process in the Ni-Pd catalysts synthesis, under supervision of Kristiaan. When I’m not in the lab, you can find me on the volleyball court, hiking through Utrecht or chilling with my housemates.

Stefan Bismeijer (BSc, May 2021-): ‘Hey, my name is Stefan. I’m a BSc student who will be studying the effects of gold nanoparticle size on Propene Epoxidation, under supervision of Johan. Outside of work and studies, I love reading fantasy books and playing videogames.’

Ilja Janssen (BSc, May 2021-): My name is Ilja Janssen. I will be doing my BSc thesis under supervision of Luc. I will be researching bifunctional NiCu catalysts on various zeolites for the hydroconversion of n-alkanes. I look forward to working here the coming weeks and hope to see all of you around the labs!

Charles Fabrie (Msc, May 2021-): “Hi, My name is Charles. I am a MSc student who will study the influence of organics in precursor solutions for Pd-Ni/SiO2 nanoparticle preparation via impregnation, under supervision of Kristiaan. In my free time I like to coach and play basketball.”

Arvid Beeuwkes (MSc, May 2021-): My name is Arvid Beeuwkes. You might already know me as I did my BSc thesis in the group for the past half year with Giorgio. For the coming year, I will perform my MSc thesis under supervision of Luc on the topic of proximity effects in ultralow Pt loaded bifunctional catalysts with solid acids supported by silica for the hydroconversion of n-alkanes. Next to chemistry, I really enjoy playing board games and making music. When bars and stages open up again, you’ll find me on the drums performing with my band. I am very excited to continue being part of the MCC group and look forward to seeing all of you again during my hours at the labs! See you around!

Just Pé Jonasse (MSc, May 2021-): My name is Just Pé Jonasse, and I have recently joined MCC as a master student until march 2022 under supervision of Nienke Visser and Oscar Daoura. I will be working on the colloidal synthesis of Nickel nanoparticles for the preparation of carbon supported nickel hydrogenation catalysts. If you want to suggest anything regarding my research or would just like to chat, please do :). I am looking forward to working with you all.

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